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6 College Alternatives

Recent times have seen a rise in the importance of having a college degree along with the overwhelming debt that college education leaves behind, leading other people to think there is no chance to the good life without it. The decision to enter college is purely based on finances considering the billions of dollars that college graduates owe the government over the last few years, unless you are lucky to enter college on an academic or sports scholarships. There are other awesome alternatives to college education you can consider once you decide it is not a thing for you. Below are some non teaching education job alternatives to college.

When you go to college, chances are you will be racking up bills over the four year course, whereas you can find a job and start making a steady income, and outline some plans. It’s never too late or too inconvenient to attend college with online courses becoming popular daily, so you can attend college as you take care of your bills. The key to finding a good job is understanding yourself; discover what you love and pursue it further.

The idea of skipping college to become an artist might not sit well with most people including your parents, however, if you want the people around you to take it seriously it should start with you. Once you decide college is not a thing for you, you should consider turning your craft into a living and silencing the critics. Consider becoming a professional plumber, electrician or a welder by attending a trade of technical school teaching the skills you are interested in. Some people overlook these jobs because of the technological advancements not factoring in the fact that construction, plumbing, and welding services will always be needed.

If you decide to become an entrepreneur after high school, you must understand you are getting into a flooded industry that will require you to push yourself to the limit while requiring financial backing too. To avoid being overwhelmed when coming up with a business idea, narrow down the niche from the start and then research the market. Not all non teaching education jobs are for everyone, with traveling being one them because of the high amounts it requires.

Since the majority of people cannot afford traveling, a work visa can help you visit the country of your choice while working at the same time. If all these options do not excite you, you can consider the most honorable and noble of all the non teaching education jobs; serve your country. If you decide that joining the military is the non teaching education job that excites you, ensure you are ready for all that it will demand from you including the ultimate price of giving your life for your country. As you can see, there are endless possibilities besides going to college to bury yourself in debt.

Updated: September 7, 2019 — 3:59 pm
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